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Registering does NOT have their own playlist service. For this guide, we will be using youtube's playlist and xatalert's youtube generator.

Creating a Playlist

After you make a youtube account, go to and click where it says "Playlists". You may choose which playlist you would like to add to your xatspace if one already exists. If not, choose "New Playlist" and re-name it to whatever you like. After that, you will see where it says "Add Videos". Click it, and start adding videos.

Getting the Code

To get your code after creating the playlist, you need to go to to convert it. Click "Play All" (youtube video player) and copy the entire URL that it gives you. Paste and submit the URL in the xatalert youtube generator, and then copy the code. Go back to your playlist's URL on youtube, copy ONLY ?list= and everything else after it from your URL browser. Then find where it says /v/ with random numbers in your xatalert youtube generator code (e.g. /v/ggWyUEuGcWY) and paste the code from your youtube's URL there (?list= and everything else after it).

(This will not work if you do not do this properly.)

Putting the Playlist on your xat chat / xatspace

Putting it on your xatspace

Go to and enter your login information. Click "Check this box to use WYSIWYG editing" on the second box and save changes. Then click "HTML" and input the embed code and save changes again. The playlist will appear on your xatspace.

(NOTE: Changes may take up to 10 minutes to go live.)

Putting it on your chat

Press the "EDIT" link at the bottom right of your chat, and then enter your group password and scroll down to the media box. Enter the embed code to your playlist there (you can put it onto any page), then click "Save Changes". Your playlist will appear under your chat.

(NOTE: Changes may take up to 10 minutes to go live.)

What does xatalert's music generator offer?

xatAlert's music generator comes with a variety of options to choose from for your song of choice.

Available options:

  • Autoplay
  • Invisible player
  • Show player controls but no video
  • Repeat
  • Center
  • Select Theme

Right now it is the only known youtube generator to convert a youtube playlist onto a xatspace. We recommend this generator to all users.

  • Consider turning autoplay off, especially if you have more than one playlist or your playlist is hard to see. Users who have a tough time figuring out the source of the music on your chat may leave.
  • Make sure you are obeying the xat terms of service with your playlist.
  • Other playlists work on xat, but the steps to set those up may differ from this article.
  • If you want a radio instead of playlists (radios play lots of music while playlists play from a list), see the Radio article.
  • Youtube's playlist is not affiliated with in any way.
  • If you're looking to add just one profile song, see Profile article.

Video Tutorial

Youtube tutorial on how to create a Playlist.