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xatspace je vaša strana na xatu, i tu možete staviti informacije o profilu, slike, muziku i videe. Ovaj vodič će vam pomoći da uredite vaš xatspace.

Viewing a profile

To view your profile, click your avatar. To view someone else's profile, click their avatar and it will then pull up their profile. There you will see what the user has said about themselves.

Note: A user must be registered to have a profile, if you click an unregistered user’s avatar or go to the profile of an unregistered ID, you will be redirected to the unregistered profile page.

You can also view profiles by using these links: or, for example: or

Standard xat profiles

Standard xat profiles are profiles edited using basic settings. On the left-hand side will be their avatar, homepage, name, and registered username, and on the right you will see their "About Me" section. If they don't have anything written, it will be blank. Below is their Media Box, where you can see playlists, videos, chats, polls, or anything else they might have added.

Advanced xat profiles

Advanced xat profiles are edited using CSS code that allow further customization. The standard CSS space is 1240 bytes. With the Me power, you can expand the CSS code to 20240 bytes with almost no xat branding, replacing everything with a small xat planet in the bottom left corner and a pop-up menu. Please read the CSS guidelines before getting started.

For a generator that will help you create advanced profiles, click here.

Editing your profile

To edit your profile, go to and log in using your registered username and password. Make sure you're on and not on another site. From there, you will see different sections to edit.

Promjena pozadine i osnove

When editing your profile, the first box at the top will be a background box for you to edit. You can enter the link to an image, or use CSS Styling to further enhance your background picture. To get a picture, you must upload an image to an image host. To see what image hosts are allowed, see Images. Then after uploading, copy the "Direct Link" from the box, and put that direct link in the Background box of your profile. You can also make your "About Me" background be separate from your main page background.

Da promijenite Outline box, promijenite širinu linije i boju (koristite kodove za boje ili imena boja, naprimjer red ili blue ili #000000).

About Me sekcija

"About Me" sekcija na xatspejsu uključuje WYSIWYG urednik, za lako uređivanje profila. Da ovo uključite, markirajte "Use WYSIWYG editing (beta)" kutiju, a onda kliknite na Save Changes na dnu. Kada se stranica ponovo učita, vidjet ćete WYSIWYG opcije na vrhu profil kutije. Da saznate šta koja ikonica radi, primaknite kurzor ikonici, i reći će vam nakon što kliknete na nju.

Album fotografija

To use the Picture Album, enter the link to your Photobucket album. Note the album must not require a password to enter. To change this, click Account Options at the top right of any Photobucket page (when signed in). Then scroll down to Album Settings, and make sure it says your album is Public.

Kad ukucate photobucket link, pokazat će vam se kompletan album ispod vaše About me sekcije na vašem xatspejsu. Svako može vidjeti vaše slike. Provjerite da nema nikakvih slika u albumu, koje ne želite da bilo ko drugi vidi! Ako ostali kliknu na sliku, prikazat će im se preko cijelog ekrana.

Kutija medija

The media box (which is below the About Me box) allows for a full range of embeds or HTML support. If you need any ideas of things to add, head over to and view the many things you can add, all created by xat.

Inappropriate Profiles

If you stumbled upon a profile that breaks the xat Terms of Service or the CSS guidelines, click the "Inappropriate" link at the top of the page. If the user is using the Me power, hover over the xat logo and then click Inappropriate. If there is no "Inappropriate" button, copy the link and replace "42" with the user's ID. Your report will be sent to xat and will be dealt with appropriately.

Impersonating Celebrities

Profiles impersonating celebrities will be removed as this severely breaks our terms of service. However, xat supports "role-playing" and other such games on our service, and as such this should be clearly noted on the profile so other users are aware that you are not the real identity behind the profile. This is extremely important to keeping our service safe and fun for all users. Profiles not marked clearly enough will be removed at our discretion.