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Promotion is the term that is used on xat to show that your chat is promoted, the "promo" in promotion means that your chat will appear on the homepage.

This is a feature to help you gain regular users on your chatroom. If your chat is nice, abides by the xat terms, has good staff, and is fun; there is a good chance people will enjoy visiting your group.

During promotion, you must adhere to the xat promotion rules:

  • All aspects of the chat must be suitable for age 14 and over
  • The chat must comply with the terms
  • The chat must be moderated while it is promoted (no bad language etc)
  • If the chat radio or playlist has tracks with swear words scroller must include "WARNING Radio may be 18+" (in the language of the promotion) or on the background just above the scroller. DJs should not swear.
  • If a user causes a bot to say something inappropriate that is the same as them saying it and they should be banned.
  • Inappropriate visitors should be banned immediately (not kicked)
  • There must be no inappropriate links and no links to binaries (eg programs)
  • Chats on promotion must NOT sell ranks e.g. sell moderator
  • Chats must NOT be based on religious or political views
  • At least one owner or moderator must be visible at all times
  • The chat must be in the correct language
  • Other chats can be promoted at the same time as yours
  • The chat must be open to all (not set members only, live mode etc)
  • Do not ban and kick without reason eg new users (toons or nulls)
  • Do not use /pr unless absolutely necessary use /p instead (The chat must be open to all). You could lose promotion for using /pr.

How it works?

(example 1) Chat promotion.

Click here, and complete the form (see example 1) with correct information.

Once you have filled out the correct information in the form, click “Get cost” and it will tell you the amount of xats or days you will need to pay for the promotion. You then need to click “Promote now!” and your group will appear on’s homepage within five minutes (The delay does not count as part of your promotion time)

Every half an hour costs one hundred xats, or ten days. The current maximum promotion time is 6 hours, priced at 1200 xats or 120 days.

After you promote, your chat will appear on xat's homepage.