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radio.png (RADIO) - Afspil radio i chatrum baggrunden

In-chat radio er en radio, du kan oprette på din chat boks gratis.

For at sætte den op, tryk på "Edit Your Chat" over "Sign Out" knappen. Klik på knappen "Ekstra funktioner" og rul ned, indtil du ser Radio Station felt, og indtast adressen på radioen.

Bemærk: Du skal være en Main Owner.

Users may adjust the volume of your radio, or even turn it off entirely, if they like.

Radio Stations

Here we have compiled a list of professional radio stations, which are known to play clean (no swearing) music to use for your chat.

  • Hitz Channel:
  • Party 181:
  • DanceRadioUK:
  • No.1 Hitz:
  • Sanctuary - industrial:

Note: Radio URLs should start with http:// and NOT https://.

If your radio link isn't working, try adding /; to end of the URL. e.g;

If you are an owner of a radio that is "clean" and would like to advertise your station here, then please open a ticket.

Radio Power

The Radio power allows you to play a radio station anywhere you go. Other people can listen to your radio station by clicking on the "Radio" smiley included in your name.

To simply use this power, put (radio#URL) in your name. Where "URL" will be the URL for the radio station you want to have.

Remember it must start with http:// or else the power won't function properly.

If your radio doesn't work, try adding /; to the end of the URL. (e.g:;)

This power has smiley effects as well, a sample of available radio smiley effects are below:

  • (radio#y) Cycle radio.
  • (radio#f) Fade radio.
  • (d#radio#r) D smilie with red notes.
  • (cd#radio) Cd motion effect with radio notes.