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ranklock.png (RANKLOCK) - Lukusta kasutaja auastmele
(näide 1) Kasutaja, ID'ga 444444444 lukustatud külalise auastmele.

Ranklock power allows owners and above to lock a user’s rank, and prevent it from being changed by others until the lock is removed.

Kuidas kasutada:

  • /r ID guest/member/mod/owner/off
nt. /r 444444444 guest (vaata näide 1)

Näiteks, trükkides jututuppa /r 111 guest, lukustatakse kasutaja ID-ga 111 külalise staatusele, mis ennetab selle kasutaja edutamist teistele auastmetele.

Tähelepanu! Auastmele lukustatud kasutaja on endiselt bännitav ning lukustada ei saa bännitud staatusele.

The rank that can use ranklock can be modified in GControl. Ranklock will also show up in Manage power.

If a user uses Guestself and has been rank locked as member, mod, owner or main owner, they will be stuck as a guest until their ranklock is removed.