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===What if I get scammed?===
===What if I get scammed?===

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Reselling xat.com currency for money is not supported by xat. However, for the security of users, we have compiled a list of resellers who have been reselling for a while without any known issues.

NB: xat is not liable if you purchase xats from a reseller. You do this at your own risk.

You are encouraged to buy xat.com credits from xat.com only. However, if you are unable to purchase xats directly from xat.com, you can try purchasing from a reseller.


These are not official resellers; they are simply noteworthy ones who have been dealing with reselling for awhile.

ID Regname Info Verified chat Buys xats from xat Takes Bitcoins
99941393 Addict us.png American reseller xat.com/Bryan Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png
1000000 Cold us.png American reseller xat.com/Cold1M Edge8Gf.png
1013 Mstr br.png Brazilian reseller xat.com/TheStore Edge8Gf.png
76275264 stephencurry30 it.png Italian reseller xat.com/Aghetto Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png
1528210342 Vipak2 th.png Thai reseller ONLY xat.com/Vipak2 Edge8Gf.png
22835 Zara br.png Brazilian reseller xat.com/ZaraCambio Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png


What if I get scammed?

It is your sole responsibility to get the reseller's personal information (i.e. real name, number, location, bank account etc).

For possible frauds, try contacting local police and then xat.com Support. Note you can open a ticket in the "Scam" department even if you have not bought xats from xat.

How do I get on this list?

You can contact xat.com volunteers at xat.com Support and wait for a reply.

This could take some time. We will want to see happy customers and a reasonable length of time without issues.

You don't need to pay anything.

Am I considered a paid user after buying from resellers?

No, you are not. Just be careful with the receipts (payments proof).

How do I report a bad reseller?

Contact xat.com Support to file a report.

Don't forget to include evidence in your report (screenshots, videos, receipts, etc.). We will appreciate your help.

I bought stolen xats...

Please report this to http://xat.com/Ticket immediately if this has happened.

Terms and conditions

The only way to purchase xat.com credits (xats/days) 100% guaranteed is directly from xat.com.

If you see any user who claims to be an official reseller, report them immediately.