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Contests Rules

1. English only 
Greetings in other languages are permitted.
  • Kick then Ban (1-5 hours).
2. Be considerate of other users. 
Discrimination against other users is not allowed no matter what it’s directed at. Treats others with respect. "Joke" flame is permitted, but don't take it too far.
  • Ban (10-24 hours).
3. Be appropriate. 
Conversation must be suitable to those aged 13. This applies to any images, videos or external sources you may share. Minor swearing off promotion is permitted, this includes, but is not limited to ‘ass’, ‘damn’, ‘hell’ and 'shit.
  • Ban (10-24 hours).
4. Advertising xat chatrooms. 
Advertising xat Official chatrooms is permitted, others are not. Appropriate external links which do not encourage betting, selling or anything inappropriate are permitted and sharing false information is not encouraged.
  • Ban (1-5 hours).
5. Don’t impersonate. 
Impersonating xat Staff, Contests Staff, and other users is forbidden. Sharing others information, or indeed your own personal information, is also forbidden.
  • Ban (10-24 hours).
6. Asking for ranks. 
Asking for xats, powers, days and ranks is not permitted.
  • Kick then Ban (1-5 hours).
7. Don’t spam. 
Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Excessive lettering is permitted. Smilies are limited to 4 per message and 6 in your name. Capital letters are permitted.
  • Kick then Ban (1-5 hours).
8. Don’t flood. 
Flood is when a user continually spams the chatroom with nonsense. General talking is not considered flood.
  • Kick then Ban (1-5 hours).
9. Selling and Trading. 
Trading is not permitted. Selling IDs in your name, status, homepage is allowed. Do not discuss or advertise selling/trading in main chat - it should be taken to private chat. Selling anything for cash is not permitted. Using the chat to advertise any free, but appropriate and somewhat relatable service (such as computer help) is allowed to a certain degree.
  • Boot to trade, you can use the bot if needed.
10. Trolling and Drama. 
Typing incorrectly to cause drama and disruption is forbidden. We ask that you behave in an appropriate manner for an Official Chat. Religious and Political discussions are forbidden due to the drama they may cause.
  • Ban (10-24 hours).
11. Use a name. 
You should have a name on the chatroom.
  • Kick then Ban (1-5 hours).
12. Backseat moderating. 
Report any issues you may have to a staff member.
13. Abusing the BOT. 
The BOT is in use for Gamebanning & moderating the chatroom during promotions - do not abuse the commands. Furthermore, don't abuse any known xat glitches.
  • Kick then Ban (1-5 hours).
14. Obey the xat Terms of Service. 
Keeping to these terms is imperative. Failure to do so will result in a ban.
  • Ban (10-24 hours).
These rules are not guidelines and are to be followed at all times. Main Owners, Staff members and Volunteers are NOT exempt from following, and if you see one breaking the rules please report them immediately.


  1. Entering Contests - Anyone can enter a Contest, only Main Owners can disqualify or forbid a user from entering.
  2. Win Limits - One user may only win 1 Contest per day (with an exception of when a scheduled Contest is being hosted), with a maximum of 4 per week (Based on your timezone). A user may only win one Contest worth 5,000xats or more every 3 months. With an exception to Purple and Gback, where this is increased to 6 months, and Gold, 1 year. Users can bypass these and receive additional help in Contests by donating for Premium Member.
  3. Courtesy Towards Hosts - All Contests are monitored by a Senior Contests staff and if they are believed to be unfair or bias, it will be taken over. It is not your duty to criticise, or create drama about a Contest because you are losing, or believe the answer to be something else. You will be the one banned. Report all issues you may have to a Main Owner; do not express your opinions in the main chatroom.
  4. Be a Good Sport - Play fair, and understand that if you lose, that’s the way it works. You win some, you lose some. Causing disruption over a loss will only result in a ban. All Contests are fair and are watched over by senior staff who will take over if they believe otherwise.
  5. No Cheating & Enhancing - You may not play on other accounts if you have surpassed win limits. Cheating to enhance gameplay is not permitted.
  6. Hosting Contests - Anyone can host a Contest. We ask that a moderator+ holds the prize to prove the legitimacy. You can either host yourself or ask another user to host. The minimum prize must be 100xats. For epic Contests, you must give a weeks notice for advertisement purposes.

When entering Contests you understand that the host has donated the prize and you should be respectful of this. Failure to follow these rules will result in a kick, ban, or possibly a disqualification from entering future Contests.

  • These rules are subject to change and Staff reserves the right to ban you for any length of time without contact. Rules may be added and removed. General disagreement issues do not need to be stated and can be directly approached on the chatroom.


  1. Member - You earn member by being active, this doesn't mean showing up for Contests then leaving.
  2. Moderator - Active member who follow the rules and take an interest in the chat are considered for moderator.
  3. Owner - Trusted users who have been at Contests a long time and understand the way the chat is ran are considered for this rank.


  • Your behavior on other chats defines Contests and how it is ran. Contests staff should be aware of this while present on other chats.
  • You must be active in order to retain your rank. Activity is measured by Events power, so coming online and chatting won't be recorded.
  • If a staff member is breaking rules please take it under your own discretion whether to demote them. If you are unsure please contact an owner.
  • You may ban as long as your rank permits. Please do not ban for long times for measly reasons.
  • Note that if you are seen abusing your rank, it will most likely result in a demotion. Also things such as causing drama in the chat can lead to a demotion.
  • If you ban a user in a manner deemed as unfair, a staff member of higher rank will most likely warn you about it. If it continues, you consequently be demoted.
  • In cases where a ban is questionable, you should not ban straight away - kick as a warning that the user should not carry on. If the user creates drama in the chat about the kick, they should be immediately banned.
  • There are no guidelines to kicking and banning, please take consideration into the severity of the rule broken when banning, and take into account whether it was a 'deliberate' rule break or not.