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Freewebs Rules

xat FreeWebs is a chat to chill and make new friends, you must abide by these rules (the general idea of the rule is put in bold). This makes it a safe and clean environment for all users to enjoy the chat and not be offended.
1. All languages are permitted. 
Freewebs is now an international chat.
2. Be respectful. 
Don't say anything that may offend someone, including "flaming" a person, group, race, chat etc.
3. Be appropriate. 
No sexual pictures, names, etc. No bad smiley combinations. No flirting. No swearing. No talk about drugs.
4. Don't advertise. 
Whether it be a site or chat that belongs to you, a friend, or anything else not "mainstream." Linking to Youtube or an image is fine (as long as the video/image is appropriate). Having advertisements in your status is allowed as long as they abide by the other rules.
5. Don't impersonate. 
Don't impersonate xat staff, volunteers.
6. Don't request a higher rank. 
Asking for member/mod/owner is strictly forbidden.
7. No begging. 
Begging for xats, days, or powers will not be tolerated. You can either purchase your xats or enter contests hosted on forums.
8. Don't spam. 
Smiley spam is over six smilies in a message, or over six in name. Seven messages in a row, or saying one sentence in several messages is considered flooding. You may add extra characters to a word as long as it doesn't take up space (abusing this is a bannable offense).
9. Give staff respect. 
If you're saying one of the mods is bad, or publicly ranting about something bad the mods did, that is a bannable offense.
10. Selling/trading. 
Selling in your status/homepage is allowed (xats/days/powers/graphics only), but advertising it in main chat isn't. You may trade in PC only however it is preferred you go to xat trade. Selling IDs in names, statuses or avatars is not allowed. You may sell IDs on your xatspace, however you cannot use any signs to draw attention to your xatspace. (e.g in your name, status or avatar) If you have xat IDs in your name/status, it will automatically assumed that you are selling them, unless it's the ID you're currently using. Selling content from other websites is strictly prohibited.
11. No drama/disruption/trolling. 
Any form of disruption, drama or trolling will not be tolerated.
12. Do not use a blank name. 
Users must be using a name at all times, this can cause confusion and disruption.
13. Obey the xat Terms of Service
Failure to do so will result in a ban. The major ones here are exposing personal information, abusing/teaching glitches, or phishing/scamming. Also do not discuss, link to, or otherwise mention private servers.
14. Don't tell moderators how to do their job. 
If they're a moderator and not you, don't tell them what to do.
15. Complaints about chat or website 
Constant complaining about the website or chat in main chat leads to disruption and this isn't permitted, You will be warned but continuous of breaking this rule will result in a mute.


  • Your behavior on other chats defines Freewebs and how it is run. Freewebs staff should be aware of this while present on other chats.
  • You must be active in order to retain your rank.
  • If a staff member is breaking rules please take it under your own discretion whether to demote them. If you are unsure please contact an owner.
  • You may ban as long as your rank permits. Please do not ban for long times for measly reasons.
  • If you choose to go AFK (away from keyboard), sign out or move into the staff pool so that temporary adjustments can take place if needed.
  • Owners: You are free to use the Temp-Mod power as you see fit. If you do not have the Temp-Mod power, only promote trusted users (members) in an emergency and demote them when they are no longer needed.
  • While the forums is affiliated with the chat, the banning is different. A user CANNOT be banned on the forums for what he said in the chat and vice-versa.

The owners, main owner, or xat staff may promote/demote you to any rank as necessary, for any reason, and possibly without any prior warning or notice.


  • The Member rank is reserved for trusted individuals who are active and mature both in Freewebs, as well as other chats and the forums.
  • If a Member is banned for any reason, they should also be demoted to guest.
  • Only Owners and above have the power to make Members.
  • The Member rank should be awarded with as much care as the Moderator rank. Temp-mods should be chosen from online Members.

Other Ranks Policy

  • Must be appropriate on all xat official chats.
  • Cannot be have a bad reputation on

Any other information

  • If you have any questions about please ask a Website Staff member.
  • All Support staff are Moderator.