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Graphics Rules

In order to provide the best experience possible for all visitors, we have listed a set of guidelines below that each user must follow. Guidelines apply to all elements of the chat.
1. English is the primary language, but all languages are allowed. 
Although English is the primary language for this chat, all languages can be used.
2. Be respectful. 
Be respectful to everyone in the same way you would like be respected.
3. Do not discriminate. 
Any racial, sexual, disability, age, or sexual orientation discrimination are not tolerated, and will get you banned from the chat forever.
4. Be appropriate. 
Do not use inappropriate images, sticks, or words (in any language).
5. Do not troll. 
Excess smilies, messages, characters or anything that disrupts the tranquility of the chat will be considered a troll.
6. Do not belittle other designers. 
Do not criticize anyone's graphics to demoralize or offend them. If it is noticed that a designer is doing so, punishments will be given out.
7. Do not ask for free products. 
Begging for any rank, xats, days, or powers is not allowed. Trading is allowed.
8. Do not spam. 
Over four smilies in a message is considered spam. This includes letters repeated such as:
   - aaaaaaaaa
   - bbbbbbbbb
   - ccccccccc
   - asdfghjkl
Flooding is not allowed. However, if a user is sending many messages that are meaningful, that is not considered flooding.
9. Advertising is not allowed. 
Advertising sites, chats, or other links in the main chat will not be tolerated. Advertising in private chat is also prohibited.
10. Do not accuse others without any proof. 
If a user refuses to pay, or a designer refuses to send their graphics, or graphics are stolen, take as many screenshots as possible that show the crime and send them to a staff member in the room.
11. Do not steal graphics. 
Do not steal or sell anyone else's graphics or claim that they are yours.
12. Conversations about others topics are allowed. 
Keep in mind that helping someone with questions about designing is a priority.
13. Obey the xat Terms of Service. 
All users must interact in accordance with the Terms of Service of xat.


  • A full reason is required for each kick and ban. Owners do not have to include reasons for mutes. The only exceptions are when you are banning raid bots or banning users who keep unbanning themselves.
  • You must be active in order to maintain your position. Activity is measured by how often you help, not by recorded events.
  • Unprofessional conduct at other chats may put you at risk for getting demoted at xatGraphics. This is handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Do not ban for long periods of time for measly reasons. A day-long ban may not necessarily be fair for all rule violations. Think carefully about what is fair and appropriate.
  • Consult a user of equal or higher rank when deciding to demote someone. In cases of clear abuse, you can demote immediately.
  • Do not kick banned users unless they are rapidly clicking you.
  • If a staff member is breaking rules please take it under your own discretion whether to demote them. If you are unsure please contact an owner.
  • If you are away or busy, please move to the staff pool. This will allow for the bot to make temporary moderators more accurately based on need.