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xat search allows you to search for what people are chatting about.

Here are some more details about how it works.

Private messages, private chats, and messages sent in a rankpool are not searchable.

Messages up to 8 hours old are searchable.

Currently you can search messages only. You cannot search for regnames or IDs.

Advanced Usage

You can use advanced search queries, example:

xat AND chat

will only show messages that contain both "xat" and "chat" in them.

You can also do:

(football AND (fun OR boring)) OR (baseball (exciting OR uneventful))

This will display messages like "football is fun" or "baseball is exciting". It will NOT include results with "football is exciting".

How to opt out?

If you do not want your chat to be on anymore, you may click "Edit Your Chat" (above Sign out), then "Extra features". Scroll down and check "Don't include this chat box on any lists or charts". This will remove your chatroom's messages from being searched. Note this will also remove you from, promoting etc. You may undo this at any time.

If you set your chat to "don't list...", "don't store messages... " OR "members only...", messages are not searched.

This is on a chat-by-chat basis, so you may want to ask the owners if search is removed (or try to search for messages yourself) if you are cautious. There is no way to block your account from showing up.