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sline.png (SLINE) - Kendi ifade cizgini kullan LIMITLI

Örnek özel ifade cizgisi.

Sline herhangi bir sohbette kendi özel ifade cizgini kullanmana olanak saglar. Bu güc Gline benzer, sadece kendi ifade cizgisi olmasi disinda. Bu demek oluyor ki diger kullanicilar senin ifade cizgini göremezler.


To use this power, type $sline= followed by the smilies you would like to use in your smiley line, separated by a comma (maximum of 12). For example: $sline=d,sob,wailing,smirk,cool,eek,hehe,flustered,content,dhat,ono. You must sign out and back in to see the changes.

You can also add backs or other smiley effects to each smiley by using the normal # format. For example: smile#goldb.

Powers and power smilies can also be used. However, if you do not own the respective powers, you will not be able to use them in the chat.

Limitli Piyonlar