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spooky.png (SPOOKY) - Spooky Flix and smilies LIMITATO POWER DI GRUPPO
  • SPOOKY ti permettere di aggiungere flix (sfondi animati) alla tua chat. 10 smilies bonus sono: $smilies.
  • Devi assegnare 1 power SPOOKY per usare CANDLES, 2 per ORGAN, 4 per SPIDER, 8 per OWL, 16 per EVILS EYES, 32 per CAT. In più avrai alcuni sfondi (zucche, gufo, occhi diabolici, e gatto).
  • 1 power = CANDLES flix
  • 2 powers = ORGAN flix
  • 4 powers = SPIDER flix
  • 8 powers = EVIL EYES flix
  • 16 powers = OWL flix
  • 32 powers = CAT flix

You will also have the following backgrounds:

  • Pumpkins
  • Owl
  • Evil eyes
  • Cat

Flix Previews

Candele flix.
Organo flix.
Spider flix.
Evil eyes flix.
Owl flix.
Cat flix.
  • Vedi la pagina Flix per dettagli riguardo ai Flix e per modificare le impostazioni.

Effect: Choose which spooky-themed flix animation to add to your chat. You can choose from: Candles, Organ, Spider, Owl, Evil eyes and Cat.

Horizontal offset (%): Change how far left or right the flix is placed. Minimum value of -100 and maximum of +100.

Vertical offset (%): Change how far up or down the flix is placed. Minimum value of -100 and maximum of +100.

Scale (%): Change the size of the flix. Minimum value of 1 and maximum of 1000.

Background: Change which spooky themed background to show on your chat. You can choose from: None, Pumkins, Owl, Evil eyes and Cat.