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statuscolor.png (STATUSCOLOR) - Estado Coloreado ÉPICO

Default color.

El power Statuscolor, te permite agregar color a las letras de tu status, aparte del brillo que le puedes agregar con el statusglow.

Nota: Necesitas el status, statusglowy [los Colores] para usar el statuscolor.

  • To use Statuscolor, type $status=Your message here#glowcode#colorcode into the chatbox and send the message. If you do not want an outer glow, put "0" in place of glowcode.

If you do not put any color codes at the end, it will be given the green outer glow. If you do not want any glow/color on your status add #0 to the end.


  • Red colored status - $status=Hello#0#r
  • White with black glow - $status=Your message here#000001#FFFFFF
  • No glow/color - $status=Busy#0