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stick.png (STICK) - Create custom stickman animations

Stick is a power, which allows you to create custom stickman animations. This article gives information on Stick.


To use the stick power, first get it from, then click Games at the left, then click STICK. Then drag the blue circles to make the different "muscles" of the stickman move. Click NEW FRAME, then move the stickman some more, to create an animation. When you're finished, click Post at the bottom right to enter it into the chat, then send, and let the whole chat see your creation!


Here is each button, and what they do:

  • < > - Moves the frame backward/forward.
  • Onion - Show the "onion", aka "ghost", of your previous frames.
  • Play/Stop - Plays/Stops the preview panel (right panel), showing your smilie.
  • 1, 1/2 and 1/4 - Changes how fast the stickman moves in the preview panel.
  • New Frame - Creates a new frame.
  • Delete Frame - Deletes current frame selected.
  • Snap - Makes the stickman snap to the state he was in in the previous frame.
  • Default - Makes the stickman go back to the default standing position.
  • Primary: Rotate/Stretch - Selects what happens when you click and drag the stickman's "muscles". Either it'll move it (default) , or stretch it, depending on what you click.
  • Secondary: Nearest/Position - Chooses what happens to the stickmans other "muscles" when you drag one. Either the other muscles will move (Nearest), or will stay in the same state (Position).
  • At end: Reverse/Loop - Selects what happens when the animation ends. Either it reverses, or just starts from the beginning.
  • Copy - Copies the smilie code to your clipboard.
  • Reset - Resets the stickman to his default position. There is no undo!
  • Post - Automatically puts the smilie into the message box on the chat.