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Click on "get xats" to purchase xats/days.


xats can be used to purchase kisses, powers, and subscriber time (days), which are used to enable special features. See xats for more information.

To buy xats, you need to be registered (click on your name, and then the register button). After you register, go to any chat, and click get xats in the smiley bar.

Ultra Smilies

Ultra smilies are special smilies which have extra features. You do not need to be a subscriber to use them.

Current Ultra smilies are:

Ultra Avatars (Glitter)

Ultra avatars are special effects that subscribers can use with their avatars/pictures. To add an effect to your avatar, include #code after your avatar's URL. Listed below are all of the "codes" that you may use in your avatar.

  • BOUNCE makes a smiley "bounce" around your avatar.
  • LED lets you write a message that will go across your avatar with LED-lighted effects. You can also change the color of the LED lights.
  • BEAMS makes a search-light style beam go on your picture.
  • BLOOD makes blood trickle down your picture. You can also change the color of the blood.
  • EQU makes DJ-styled bars go across your avatar.
  • GLITTER allows you to add glitters to your avatar, for an extra shine effect.
  • LIPS makes kissy-lips go on your picture. You can change the lips to any smiley you like.
  • UP makes smilies go up in your picture. You can use any smiley.
  • DOWN makes smilies fall down your picture. You can use any smiley.
  • WALK makes a smiley slide along the edge of your picture.
  • SNOW makes snowflakes fall to the bottom of your picture. The snow builds up, then it will start again. You can use any smiley and snow color.
  • XMAS adds Christmas lights to your picture.

You can also use smiley codes as your avatar. For example, you can use (CD) or (CIR) as your avatar. Note: Only smilies in brackets work, meaning (sleepy) would work, while |-) wouldn't.