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<nowiki>{{</nowiki>img|'''image'''=<nowiki>https://</nowiki>i.imgur.com/iwI7tfI.png|'''float'''=left|'''description'''=A screenshot<nowiki>}}</nowiki>
<nowiki>{{</nowiki>img|'''image'''=<nowiki>https://</nowiki>util.xat.com/wiki/images/7/7a/Tempimg1.png|'''float'''=left|'''description'''=A screenshot<nowiki>}}</nowiki>
Will produce:
Will produce:
{{img|image=https://i.imgur.com/iwI7tfI.png|float=left|description=A screenshot}}</noinclude>
{{img|image=https://util.xat.com/wiki/images/7/7a/Tempimg1.png|float=left|description=A screenshot}}</noinclude>

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Image thumbnails for external images.


  • image - direct link to an image you're going to use
  • width - sets the width of an image thumb in pixels, defaults to 275px and should be kept that way, unless the image is smaller than that.
  • float - float right or left, defaults to right (optional)
  • description - short description of the image
  • link - where thumbnail links to, should not be set for regular thumbnails (optional)
  • scalable - value no to prevent image from scaling.

Example: {{img|image=https://util.xat.com/wiki/images/7/7a/Tempimg1.png|float=left|description=A screenshot}}

Will produce:

A screenshot