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The purpose of this template is to provide an easy and consistent set of navigation links on top of articles.


  • border - change the colour of the border of your navigation links (optional)
  • bg - change the background of navigation links (optional)
  • color - change the colour of navigation links (optional)
  • name1 to name 10 - there can be a total of 10 navigation links
  • link1 to link 10 - each link number corresponds to the number of name attribute
  • n1 - n10 - to disable navigation links you're not using, e.g. to disable 2 and use 8, insert |n9= and n10= attributes to the bottom of the template.

For examples, see Xatwiki:Usergroups/nav

Important: Unless you really need to translate link names, it is advised to create a subarticle for your navigation, e.g Xatwiki:Usergroups/nav, where "nav" is where we store the navigation links. Doing that, we can simply include the predefined navigation on the first line of an article - {{:Xatwiki:Usergroups/nav}}