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  • header - add important message at the very top of the rules
  • header2 - adds message right after with underline attribute (optional)
  • rules - list of rules
  • staff - notes to staff members
  • extra - something extra that needs mentioning, see Trade Chat for example (optional)
  • staffdisable - disable attribute staff and the english header that comes with it

Optional: If you wish, you could have your rules expand to save space (see Rules:Help for an example)


  • rule# - Short introduction of a rule
  • rule#d - More detailed version of a rule
  • oldrulesdisable - If you wish to disable rules attribute

Disabling rules attribute is not required if you wish to include additional information there (see Rules:Help for an example)


  • |rule1=No profanity.
  • |rule1d=Now here I explain in detail what words and situations apply to this rule.

At the bottom of your rules page you will find empty attributes from |r1= to |r15=. These are there to disable spoilers that are not in use.

For example, if you have 15 rules and you wish to include them in spoilers, then remove |r1= to |r15= from the bottom.

If at any time you wish to add more rules or remove some, you need to adjust absent |r#= attributes to match the number of rules available.