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<tvar|1>{{#titleparts:{{PAGENAME}}|1|1}}</> is a smiley power and a [[<tvar|2>Special:MyLanguage/Hugs</>|hug]] power.
<tvar|1>{{#titleparts:{{PAGENAME}}|1|1}}</> is a smiley power and a [[<tvar|2>Special:MyLanguage/Category:Hug</>|hug]] power.

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Trans is a smiley power and a hug power.

Sending a hug in main chat costs 10 xats per hug and a total of 20 hugs can be sent in 24 hours.

Sending hugs in PC is free of charge and there are no limits on usage.

You can send a hug to a specific user and show it on the main chat.

To do so, send the following command in PC; it costs 10 xats: /hugall hug_name.

Sending a hug: