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  • {{youtube|VIDEOID}}

Optional attributes:

  • height - height of the video in pixels
  • width - width of the video in pixels
width and height values should be in 16:9 (widescreen) ratio
- to calculate video height from width, divide width with 16 and multiply the result with 9. Example: 592/16=37; 37*9=333
- to calculate video width from height, reverse the proccess: divide height with 9 and multiply the result with 16. Example: 333/9=37; 37*16=592
592 and 333 are in perfect 16:9 ratio
  • time - marks the beginning of the video in seconds
  • annotations - hidden by default, to enable, set value to 1
  • theme - light and dark theme available, defaults to light and should not be set on articles, as the theme of the wiki itself is light


  • {{youtube|P6Agwu_5J14|time=30}}