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tempmod.png (TEMPMOD) - Owner can make a temporary moderator

This power allows main owners and owners to promote guests and members to moderators for any time between 36 seconds and 24 hours. To do so, start a private chat with the user you want to make a moderator, and post /m# where # can be anything between 0.01 and 24. The time is in hours.

  • If you post /m without a number, it will make the user a permanent moderator(only if GControl allows owners to make moderators the normal way as well).
  • Temporary moderators can have different privileges than permanent moderators with the use of GControl power(being able to use Barge, promoting, etc.).
  • If the temporary moderator is signed in while his or her moderator rank is expired, he or she will remain a moderator until he or she signs out and in(including changing name, avatar, and homepage), or attempting to use any moderator ability(banning, kicking, demoting, promoting). He or she will become a permanent member afterwards.
  • Temporary moderators are not able to make permanent members. If a temporary moderator attempts to make a user a member, it will make the user a member for one hour even if the temporary moderator does not have Tempmem. Tempmem is still usable.
  • You can make temporary moderators without needing Tempmod through the use of Manage power. You can also make them last for over 24 hours.