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topman.png (TOPMAN) - Appear higher on the list of users!

Topman power will make you appear higher on the visitors list of those who have the same rank as you unless they also have topman, purple, or are married/BFF with a person of a higher rank. You will still appear lower than the "friends" of other users of the same rank as you. Users will always see themselves at the top.

If someone of the same rank as you has topman, there are other factors that will determine who appears on top. They are listed in order by points: Being married/BFF with a person of a higher position, being online, having purple power, having reghide power off, having a shorter username, and having a shorter ID number. Your ranking is also one.

  • Usernames are not listed alphabetically. When usernames have the same amount of characters, the ID will determine which user appears above the other. For example, assuming both users are of the same rank and have no powers, username ZZZZ with ID 1000 would appear above AAAA with ID 1001.
  • Due to each factor being worth a certain amount of points, it is possible for a new, unregistered member to appear to be outranked by a subscribed guest meeting other criteria, assuming both users are neither married nor BFF with a user of a higher rank on the same chat. The guest still does not get privileges that a member does.