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Sometimes you have days and you need xats, sometimes you have xats and you need days. Sometimes you'd like to trade powers, or buy powers with your days by trading days for powers. This guide will show you how to use the xat trade engine for easier and safer trading. To find users to trade with go to


What is Trading?

Trading is xat's official method to allow people to trade their subscriber days/xats and powers. With the trading function, you can protect yourself so you won't be scammed. People can exchange their xats, days, or powers in return for a second users xats, days, or powers. A User will make his offer and be able to see what the second user is offering. When both users agree, they will accept the trade.

How do I trade?

This is a general overview of the safe trade window.



To give someone xats or subscriber time, for nothing in return, click on their name in the Visitors list and click the Transfer button. Then, type in the number of xats and/or days you want to give them, as well as your registered user account password. You can also enter a message with the transfer if you wish. This method should not be used when trying to trade for other xat items.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get these error messages when I am trading?

  • Failed.

If you recieve a "failed" message after you accepted and confirmed a trade, this generally means that the person you are trading with has input a bad password, doesn't have enough xats, doesn't have enough subscriber days, or their transfer is held.

  • Not enough xats

This error generally means that you don't have enough xats to transfer. For example you only have 100 xats but you are trying to trade 400 xats. This means that you do not have the other 300 xats to cover what you are trying to trade. You can get more xats or days by going to and clicking the Store dropdown menu and then clicking "Buy xats days."

  • Not enough subscriber time!

You get this error because you do not have enough days to cover the trade you are trying to do. For example, you could offer 40,000 days but you only really have 3 days. You will then get this error. You can get more xats or days by going to and clicking the Store dropdown menu and then clicking "Buy xats days."

  • Bad password

This error means that you are not putting the correct password in, the correct password to enter would be the password that you chose when you had registered for your own chat account. To recover your password, click here and select "Lost password/Username" at the top.

  • xat Reserve Limit Exceeded

This may occur after you buy xats and days. It is simply to protect you from someone else in your account giving them away. If you want it removed or reduced, you open a ticket, or simply wait for the reserve to reduce.

  • Held

The Held message occurs when your account has been held, which can be due to several reasons. Your account may have been detected to have become a victim of Phishing, and the hold was automatically put in place to protect your xats/days/powers. In this case it will go away in a few days, enough time to let you restore your account and make sure the phisher can not take your xats/days/powers away.

How to avoid being scammed

You can avoid being scammed as there is a time delay between pressing accept trade and changing your offer really fast before pressing accept trade again. This is to assure you that the safe trade system is safe to use.

If someone offered you 42000 days but really they had only 20 days, when you and the other person press trade, it will say not enough subscriber time to the person that is trying to offer you 42000 days and it will show that it failed to the other person.

After clicking accept you will have to click again to confirm the trade. Always make sure that the trade is what you want before confirming. If you asked for days, make sure they put in days and not xats. Make sure that the correct number of digits are there, such as 330 xats instead of 33 xats for nameglow, or 2000 xats for 200 days instead of 200 xats.

Please read Scams for more information.