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Four (4444) 430.png ID Collector | Contributor | Wiki Editor | Forum Moderator


Welcome to my page! en.png

I'm a 22-year-old guy from Northern England who likes chatting to people and making new friends. It sounds a bit generic, but it's the main reason I enjoy xat so much!

First and foremost, I'd describe myself as a perfectionist, with a keen eye for detail. I make everything the best it possibly can be, and this doesn't just include fixing typos, punctuation and grammatical errors. I set very high standards for myself, and I'm always thinking about how others perceive my work. My main work is on the forums, but I also write introductions for the Chat interviews, and edit/create articles for the xat Wiki. I'm also a full-time student at university, currently in my third and final year studying English Language and Linguistics (specialising in discourse analysis). It’s getting towards that time of year when important work is due in, so I don’t really have time to write this, but hey-o.

My other passions include watching The X-Files and Dragon Ball Z, which I consume in my spare time. If you ever get bored, please send me a message - I usually reply (unless I've fallen asleep). Thanks!

Crow's IDs

Digits Name Date obtained Price bought for Graphics
4000 Crow 08.17.2015 2,000,000 auction bid
4004 Crow2 11.28.2014 800,033 auction bid
4040 Crow3 10.07.2015 -
4444 Four 02.24.2014 650,000 xats + 44184 ID
4M Mask 02.07.2015 650,000 xats
44M Majin 02.13.2016 270,000 xats
444M Murder 09.18.2016 205,011 auction bid
40404 Satan 11.25.2016 360,044 auction bid
44444 Light 02.12.2016 400,000 xats
4040404 Virus 02.27.2016 60,000 xats
4044404 Genocide 07.07.2016 44,444 auction bid
4444444 Cauterizer 01.03.2017 200,022 auction bid
40044004 Venom 01.01.2016 41,011 auction bid
44444444 Darkness 06.20.2015 60,000 xats
400404004 Revenge 05.11.2015 20,000 auction bid
444404444 Scarecrow 12.14.2014 20,000 auction bid
444444444 Carnage 01.11.2016 100,000 xats
Total spent: 4,219,810 xats*


  • Auction bids converted to xats at 55% value (the standard price of auction powers). For example, 20,000 auction bid = 11,000 xats.
  • Does not include short name prices or the cost of graphics.

Extra shortnames: Fear | Rinnegan

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Crow | Four | Greed | Light | Mask | Midnight | Plague

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