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See all powers released in 2018

xat released a total of 48 powers (27 limited, 17 unlimited, 4 collections)

Smiley powers (33)
Limited: Kactus, Snowflake, Wigs, Kcar, Glasses, Gorilla, Gesture, Suspense, Slimefx, Ktree, Raccoons, Glitch, Portalfx, Koffee, Baghead, Guineapig, Kitcup, Birdie, Hippos, Patrickfx, Accessory, Illusionfx, Nuts, Dragons, Sqanimal
Unlimited: Swordfx, Piggy, Muertos, Eyeeye, Money, Seasons, Bestfriend, Samba
Group powers (2)
Unlimited: Rankscroll, Superblastkick
Function powers (6)
Unlimited: Appbot, Faceoff, Opacity, Pcplus, Hats, Botstat
Collection powers (4)
Superxmas, Superhalloween, Supersummer, Superanime
Hug powers (3)
Limited: Pizzas, Heartbreak
Unlimited: Cups