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Welcome to, we hope you have an enjoyable experience with us. This page has been created to try and show you the ropes and get you started.

Do I need an account?[edit]

You can learn about accounts and registering by following the links below. Registering is recommended to get the most out of, however it is not required and you can continue to use our most basic services free without committing any of your details.

The following benefits are given to registered users:

  • Less bot protection checks then basic users.
  • More recognition from your friends with a username.


Safety is an important feature of It's important to know how to stay safe. We have created a number of resources for you to use in order to protect yourself while chatting online.

Where to chat[edit]

You are now wondering where to go to in order to meet new people and get connected. You can find a number of chat-groups by using Search feature. Alternatively you can use the Homepage where there are promoted chat-groups and featured groups that you may enjoy. If you are looking for help, or a safer environment suggested by then we suggest you check out the official chats page.

Running your own group[edit]

Now that you are familiarized with some of the xat Chats, you want to run your very own chat.A successful chat counts with a nice staff, personalized backgrounds and etc.
To learn more about running about read our Owners Guide.


Powers are special products made for xat subscribers that can be purchased with xats or subscriber days on page] or official trade chats. They will unblock several features such as editing your name's color and adding a hat to your pawn. There are also group powers which will allow you to edit your group's features, such as limiting moderators/co-owners ban time lenght and adding a staff pool to your chat. For a list of group and user powers click here.


Click on "get xats" to purchase xats/days.

You are able to trade your xats and subscriber days for xats, days or powers. Xat trade feature is very safe and useful, however we strongly advise you to read Trade Guidelines to make sure you are not falling for a scam!

Other Information[edit]

  • Learn how to become a subscriber and what to do with your subscriber days and xats here
  • Learn how to use the applications found on the left side of the chat group page here
  • Learn how to protect your account here
  • Beware of Phishing!
  • If you need live help you can visit the Help chat, open a thread on xat's Community Support, or if you are a paid user, open a ticket on xat Support Tickets

Come again![edit]

For your next visits on xat wiki read the article for news and changes/updates. Also if you got any suggestion for us (about how we can improve our way of helping) or even a report (you could have found a typo): Click here and access our contact page.