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This page is a translated version of the page Users Guide and the translation is 33% complete.

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Een bericht verzenden

Om een bericht te verzenden, typ je het in het invoerveld bericht aan de onderkant van de chat box. Het bericht wordt verzonden naar de andere mensen in de chatroom wanneer je op de terug/enter-toets drukt.


De bezoekerslijst is een lijst van mensen die op dat moment in de groep zitten. Naast elke naam is er een poppetje, en de kleur van dat poppetje toont hun status. De poppetjes zijn:

(Main) Owner
xat staff
Pink power
Blueman power
Purple power
Gold power
Ruby power

Wanneer je een bericht stuurt, zal je poppetje in de bezoekers/vriendenlijst groen gloeien om anderen te laten weten dat je aan het praten bent. Wanneer andere gebruikers berichten sturen, zullen hun poppetjes ook groen gloeien.

Wanneer een gebruiker beschikbaar is, betekent het dat ze je bericht zouden kunnen ontvangen maar misschien krijg je geen antwoord.


Smileys zijn emoticons die je aan berichten kunt toevoegen. Je kunt smileys toevoegen door op een smiley boven het invoerveld bericht te klikken, of door de code van de smiley te typen. Bijvoorbeeld, :-) is de code van de typische gele smiley. Er zijn ook veel extra smileys die deel van de standaard set niet zijn. Je kunt deze op de pagina Gratis smileys vinden.

Anytime you are on a chat page, and you want to display the full list of smilies (besides the subscriber smilies), look to the left of the chat box, and above the red x is a tiny icon with four little smilies on it. Clicking that icon will bring up the smiley list. Simply click on a smiley and the code for that smiley will appear in your text box. If you want to see the code, so you can manually type it yourself, just hover over the smiley you want the code for.

There are also several shorthand smiley codes. Here is a list:

  • :), :-) - (smile)
  • :d - (biggrin)
  • ;), ;-) - (wink)
  • :o, :-o - (eek)
  • :p - (tongue)
  • 8-) - (cool)
  • :@ - (mad)
  • :s - (confused)
  • :$ - (redface)
  • :(, :-( - (frown)
  • :'( - (crying)
  • |-) - (sleepy)
  • :|, :-| - (rolleyes)
  • :-* - N/A
  • :[, :-[ - (vampire)

If you have ideas for a new smiley, please make a suggestion on the forums or submit it to one of the smiley makers and show a picture of what it might look like if possible.


Audies are sound effects that can be added to messages. An audie is sent by using # followed by the name of the sound, e.g. #raspberry, #giddy, #ohh. It will appear as a sound icon in the message and play when the message is displayed. It can be played again by clicking on it. You’ll find hundreds more of them here. Note that users who have the chatbox sound muted, or have the Noaudies power, will not hear audies. Check Noaudies for more information.

Tabbed Groups

The owner of the chatbox you are on may have added a chat group to their chat box. This will appear as a second tab next to the main tab. A chat group is a shared chat room created for a specific purpose. This could be:

  • To discuss a particular subject (e.g. music, anime, surfing, computer games)
  • For a specific age group or type of person e.g. 20-something, students
  • For a specific country or language

You can also access the chat groups directly by clicking on the green speech bubble on the bottom left of the chatbox. If you would like to find more chat groups, you can check out the Groups page.

Turn sound & radio on or off

You can turn chatbox sounds on and off by clicking on the speaker icon on the bottom right of the chatbox. A disabled sign will appear on it once clicked. To turn sounds back on, click again. If you want to turn the sound up or down, hover your cursor over the speaker, then move the arrow up and down to increase or decrease the volume. If you are a main owner of a chat group, you can set all default sounds to on or off by clicking the "Edit Your Chat" button on the bottom right of your chatbox. Then go to "Extra Features," scroll down and you will see "Default chat box sounds to OFF". Check the box next to it, scroll down and click "Update these Options".

If a chat has a radio station, you may click the radio icon to turn it on or off. You may adjust the volume the same way as you can with chat sounds. If you're a main owner, click "Edit Your Chat" then "Extra Features" to set up a radio station. Read more about setting up a radio station here.


To sign out of the chatbox, press the Sign Out button located at the bottom right of the chat, next to the text box. You will be shown at the bottom of the Visitors list and will be listed as offline. You will not be able to see or send messages until you press "Sign In" or refresh the page.

Receiving/Sending a Private Message

A private message appears in the chat window but has only been sent to one person. It is like being in a room full of people and whispering something to someone that you only want them to hear. If you see a message that has a gold padlock next to it, that person has sent you a private message that only you two can see.

To send a private message to another user, click on their name in either the chat or the Visitor list. On the menu that pops up, click on "Private Message" and a large padlock will appear on the left side of the text box. This indicates that the next message you send will be a private message, to the selected user.

Starting/Responding to a Private Chat

A private chat is a conversation with only two people; it is like leaving a room full of people and finding a private room to talk in. When you are sent a private chat message, a tab will appear with the sender's name on it under the message window. It will flash to indicate a new message and the speech bubble will remain green to show that you have not read it yet. Click on the tab and you will be in a private chat with that person. While you are having a private chat with one person, you may also see the main room and other private chats flashing and remaining green to indicate new or unread messages. You can switch between these and maintain conversations with several people at once if you want to. When you have finished with a private chat, move your cursor over the tab and press the red x that appears to close it.

Have you been automatically signed out?

If you haven’t typed a message for over 15 minutes, the chat box will automatically sign you out. To sign back in, press the "Sign In" button on the bottom right. Owners and Moderators are not automatically signed out, so they should take more care to sign out when they leave to prevent visitors from wondering why Moderators/Owners are not responding to them.

Have you been kicked?

If you have been kicked out of a chatbox, you will need to sign in again if you wish to continue chatting. There will be an information message that is sent to everyone in the room that says who was kicked, who did the kicking, and the reason for the kick. You will also be "Gagged" (unable to send messages) for 15 seconds after being kicked.

Have you been banned?

If you have been banned from a chat box, you will have received a banned information message, your pawn in the Visitors list will have turned brown, and your name will have changed to "Banned". You will still be able to see the messages being sent (this only applies if the chat doesn't have Banish or Banpool assigned), but the other people in the room will not receive any message you try to send. The ban may be for a limited duration and if so, you could return later. The ban may have been a warning and they may un-ban you sooner if you remain online for a while.

If you believe you have been unfairly banned, you should click "Report Unfair Ban" on the large window that appears upon being banned. This will send a message to the main owner of the chat saying that you've been banned, why you think it's unfair (if you included text), and your email (if you included it). If the ban happened while you were online, it will send a transcript of what was recently said on the main chat prior to you being banned, and give the chat's creator an option to demote the person who banned you.

If you are banned, only users who have added you as a friend can see private chats you send to them.

Profile Dialog

Click on your name at the top of the Visitors list to set up your display name and avatar. If you are new to the chatbox, you will have been assigned a "toon" name like WuggyBunch and a random picture. These, however, are easily changeable.

Hoe wijzig ik mijn naam?

Click on your name in the chat, then enter your desired name in the "Name" box, as you want it to appear on the chat. You can use smiley codes in your name also, and these will be displayed on the Visitor and Friend lists.

Hoe wijzig ik mijn avatar/foto?

To change your display picture, you can choose one of the default images shown by clicking on it. Every time you choose one, you will get another selection from which to choose. If you wish to look at a wider selection of images see the default avatars page. Alternatively, you can use any picture you like by getting the "Direct Link" of an image (you can easily upload images here). After copying the "Direct Link," paste the link into the "Picture" box and click OK.

Hoe wijzig ik mijn huispagina?

To add a homepage or set a different one, enter the link to a website e.g. in the homepage box, then click OK. If you have a home page specified, whenever you post a message, a small home icon will appear next to your name. If someone clicks on this, they will open the link in your homepage. To remove a homepage, simply leave the homepage box blank and click OK.

How do I turn off automatic sign in on a chatbox?

If you don’t want to be automatically signed in to the chat box on web pages you visit, then you can turn off automatic sign in. Click your name and uncheck "Sign me in automatically". You will have to click the "Sign In" button every time you visit a chat box to appear online. To return to automatically signing in, click your name, check the box again, then click OK.

How do I reset my ID/user data?

If you wish to reset your ID number and screen name (not your registered ID or account name), right-click on any chat screen, then click "Settings". After this, click the little folder icon, then click "Deny" and click close. After, refresh on the chat page or go to a new chat page. These effects will take place. Doing this will remove your friends list, as well as all your data and status in chat group you have visited. So if you do not want to lose all of the data stored (friends list, status etc.) do not reset. If you reset completely then log back into your registered account and your friends will still be able to contact you on that account, but you will have lost all stored data doing this process. Do it at your own risk. When you're done, and you want xat to store the data again, right click on a chat screen, and this time click "Allow". After you do that, click close and it will start to store the data. Anytime you want to reset the stored data, repeat this method.


You can visit the Subscribers Guide for more information regarding this topic.

Kan ik meer dan één naam gebruiken?

Click on your name, and at the top right of the pop-up box you will see "new user..." Clicking that will make a default name that you can change and switch back and forth between other names you have added. You can have up to five extra names to switch back and forth between. Instead of having to manually change your name, you can switch from the other names you have added. Note: You will be unable to delete any extra names you create without resetting your user data.


Waarom zou ik me registreren?

Om gebruik van alle xat-functies te kunnen maken, moet je je registreren. Registratie is gratis. Het geeft je de mogelijkheid om je ID, rang (moderator, lid, eigenaar, enz.), en vriendenlijst op andere computers te bewaren (of nadat je cookies zijn verwijderd). Dan krijg je ook eenxatspace, wat een xat-pagina die helemaal voor jou is. Registreren maakt het ook bijna onmogelijk voor andere gebruikers om je te imiteren en maakt het ook een stuk gemakkelijker voor je vrienden om te weten dat het jij is als je andere computers gebruikt. Geregistreerde gebruikers kunnen ook xats en abonnementen kopen of deze dingen van andere gebruikers ontvangen door transfers/trades. Nog een voordeel van registratie is dat je alle chats kunt joinen. Op sommige chats is het onmogelijk om te joinen tenzij je geregistreerd bent. Je naam staat ook hoger op de lijst dan niet-geregistreerde gebruikers.

Hoe registreer ik?

Click on your name in the chat and click the "Register" button. Fill in the required information (email must be valid), and submit the form. Log into your e-mail and click the activation link you received from xat. Afterward, log in using your registered name and password. You may need to refresh any chats you're on for the registration to take effect. If you don't get an email, then your email service has not delivered the email. Try opening a Gmail account.

Hoe wijzig ik mijn geregistreerde gebruikersnaam?

Opmerking: Op het moment dat jij je geregistreerde gebruikersnaam wijzigt, komt de oude namelijk vrij. Iedereen kan die naam vervolgens claimen.

Go to the login page and log in to your account. Scroll down and click the "More" button, and in the "Change Registered Username" field, type in the registered username that you want (as long as it's 10-18 characters). After that, click the "Change User Name" button. You may need to refresh any chats you’re on in order for this to take effect. You can only change your registered name once every 14 days.

How krijg ik een kort geregistreerde naam (korte naam)?

Instead of having a registered name that is 10-18 characters, you can purchase a short name. A short name is a registered name that is 4-9 characters long. Short names cost at least 1,000 xats. Generally speaking, the shorter the short name, the higher the price. By clicking here, you can see prices of short names or even buy one if you'd like.

Zie short name voor meer informatie.

Will I keep the same ranks/Friends list if I log in on another computer?

Yes, your rank and your Friends list will be restored if you log in to your registered account on another computer. You can log in by going to

Hoe wijzig ik mijn wachtwoord?

Klik op je naam in de chat, klik op de "Register" knop, en klik de "Change password" tab. Kies een ingewikkeld wachtwoord van minstens 8 tekens lang. Gebruik een combinatie van hoofdletters, kleine letters en cijfers. Hoe meer karakters te sterker het is. Gebruik in je wachtwoord niet je geboortedatum, je naam, of andere persoonlijke gegevens. Verander je wachtwoord om de paar maanden om een maximale veiligheid van je account te waarborgen.

Note: Special characters (!@#$ etc) are stripped from your password when logging in, so be sure just to use alphanumeric characters (a-Z, 0-9).

Hoe wijzig ik mijn xat ID?

xat IDs are generated randomly. You can clear your browser cookies to get a new randomly generated ID. Otherwise, you can bid on IDs via the xat auction.

Note: xat does not support the trading of IDs.

Hoe kan ik mijn xat e-mailadres wijzigen?

If you would like to change the e-mail account associated with your xat account, you would have to create a ticket.

Note: For security reasons, you can only update to a Gmail address at this time.

Wat moet ik doen als ik mijn wachtwoord ben vergeten?

Click on your name in the chat, and click the "Register" button towards the bottom of your name card. Click the "Lost password/username" tab. Alternatively, you can go to You'll need access to the email you used to register your xat account. After filling in the captcha, enter your email, and a link will be emailed to you. Go to your email and wait for this email (may take up to 30 minutes to arrive.) If the email doesn't arrive after 30 minutes, check your spam/bulk folders. Once you receive the e-mail, click the link and you are able to reset your password.

Hoe verwijder ik mijn account?

OPMERKING: Als je ooit in de toekomst je ID wilt registreren, sla de registreren-link van je ID op.

1 - Ga naar

2 - When it says LOGIN SUCCESSFUL, scroll down and click the more button.

3 - Now you should see an option that says "Delete (your current username here)".

4 - Click that button and it should tell you to check your email.

5 - Use the link in your email to log in and click the delete button once again.

  • You cannot delete an account with xats/days/powers or held on it.
  • If you just registered your account you have to wait 14 days before you can delete it.
  • Keep in mind xat does not support the transfer of IDs so if you get scammed in the process of selling one xat can't help you.

Interact Dialog

To interact with a person either click on their name on the Visitors / Friends lists or by a message they have sent. This will open up a dialog, which will give you more information about them and options to interact with them.


A private message is sent to only one person and no one else can see it. To send a private message, click on a person on the Visitors / Friends lists or the name on a message someone has sent, and click "Private Message". A padlock will appear on the message entry window. Type your message and press enter. When the message is sent, it will have a padlock next to it and only the person you selected will see it. To send another private message, follow the same procedure again. In some case, Private Chats (see below) can be more useful.

Privé Chat

A private chat is a one-on-one conversation in a separate tab on the chatbox. To start a private chat, click on a person on the Visitors or Friends lists or the name on a message someone has sent and click Private Chat. A tab will appear that contains just you and the person you want to start a private chat with. When you send your first message a tab will appear on their chat box which they can choose to answer or not. Note: You may not be able to Private Chat a user if they have the NoPC power. You can click Powers for more information regarding the special abilities.

Toevoegen als vriend

If you want to add someone, so you can easily find them and talk to them another time, you can add them as a friend. Click on that person on the Visitors or the name on a message they have sent and click Add as Friend. They will appear on the list in bold and move to the top of their rank. They will also be added to your Friends list, accessible by clicking on your Friends tab at the bottom of the list.

When you return to the chat box at a later time, you can click on your Friend list and see which ones of your friends are online on any chat box, not just the one you are on. You can send them a private chat or private message from your chat box to theirs. If the user has added you as a friend, you will be able to see which chat they are on so you can go there (unless the user has the Nofollow power). If you want to unfriend someone, click on their name and click "Un-Friend".

Hoeveel vrienden zou ik moeten toevoegen? Je kunt zoveel vrienden toevoegen als je wilt, maar het heeft geen zin om iedereen te toevoegen die je ooit ziet. Je zou alleen mensen moeten toevoegen als er een kans is dat je nogmaals met die persoon zult willen praten. Hoe meer vrienden je hebt, hoe moeilijker het wordt om degenen te vinden waarmee je wel wilt praten.

/f Een gebruiker toevoegen

Als je iemands ID nummer weet en je ze als een vriend wilt toevoegen, kun je de /fIDHERE commando gebruiken.

Voorbeeld: /f96321545 Kyle

Dit zal ID 96321545 met de naam "Kyle" als een vriend toevoegen.


To ignore a user: click on their name on the visitors or friends list or on their name of one of their messages and press "Ignore". Their pawn will appear grey on the visitors list. You won't be able to see any of their messages and they won't be able to start private conversations with you. If you wish to unignore them and see their messages again, click on their name on the visitors list and press "Un-Ignore". Please note that the user will only be ignored for 12 hours, so after the time is up simply repeat the steps above.

You may also type /t in PC to ignore a user. If you have Ttth, you can also send a full-screen smiley / message along with ignoring.

As a moderator or an owner, you're still able to see ignored users post on the main chat. To have the same effect as a member and below, hold down SHIFT prior to pressing "Ignore".

Bad Chat Etiquette

When using a xat chatbox, you have to abide by the Terms of Service. However, there are specific things that you might do that are considered bad etiquette and could annoy some users.

Flooding or Spamming

Flooding or spamming is typing random numbers and/or letters for no reason, or repeatedly sending a link. This is very disruptive to the chat box and all the users in the chat. People find it very annoying and if you do it you may find you are either banned or Ignored by everyone in the room. Talking in CAPS, using too many smilies or audies in a way, may also be considered as spam or flooding. Likewise, if you do either of these too much, you may be ignored or even banned from the chat.

Talking in CAPS

Typing messages with CAPSLOCK on often annoys people, it is used to say that you are SHOUTING what you are saying. You can type in CAPS if you want unless a chat's rules say otherwise, but you should expect that people will add you to their Ignore list. It is best saved for when you are really shouting something.

Te veel smileys

Using smilies livens up messages and makes the chat more fun, but if you send them too frequently, you will soon end up on everyone's Ignore list.

Spamming Audie Sound Effects

The odd sound effect can make a chat fun but if you keep on sending them, it can be annoying and you will soon be on everyone's ignore list.


You may create chat groups or accounts relating to your services outside of However, you may not go to other chat groups and promote your services. This is prohibited in the xat Terms of Service. In addition to this, other chat group owners tend to dislike such behavior and it may result in a ban from individual chat groups.

Asking to be staff

Asking to be a higher rank on chatrooms is a sign that you have not earned it yet. Popular chat owners are bombarded with requests from people to be made moderators/owners. If you want to be a staff member on a chatbox, you should be active on the chat, make friends with users, and try to be helpful whenever you can.

Asking for free xats, days, or powers

People work hard for their money, which they use to purchase their xat products. With this being said, it is not likely that they will give away their products for free to people who just ask, especially if they are strangers. It is recommended that you avoid asking people for free products, as this may upset them and cause you to get banned.

If you are unable to purchase your own products, or if you simply choose not to, you can join the Game chatroom and play games for a chance to win xats, days, and powers as prizes. There is also a section dedicated to contests and events on the forums, which can be found here.