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  • The following users listed below are NOT the administrators (xat staff).
  • They contribute a minority or majority of their time ensuring that xat is at its fullest potential.
  • They have no special indication on any chatrooms whatsoever (such as the black pawn or the cyan pawn). The black pawn are used for administators only and the cyan pawn are used for celebrities only.
  • They will NEVER ask you for your personally identifiable information on any social networking websites. Please do NOT provide them any personally identifiable information, such as accounts, e-mail addresses or passwords.
  • If you come across a user who is impersonating as a contributor, a forum moderator, a smiley maker or a volunteer, please do NOT hesitate to submit a ticket under the category "A General Question or Concern" and make sure to provide sufficient information, such as screenshots of the user's registered username, identification number and the entire conversation that you have had with the user.
  • When submitting a ticket in general, it is important for you to know that the volunteers receive an overwhelmingly amount of tickets that they have to reply to on a daily basis. If they haven't replied back to your ticket yet, please be patient. For more information regarding ticket wait times, please click here.