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  • They are not xat staff; they volunteer their time to help xat.
  • The xat volunteers have no special indication on the chat (e.g. they do not appear as xat staff, they appear as any normal user).
  • The xat volunteers will not ask for your personal information on other websites like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Never give your password to any volunteer or xat staff, even if you are sure they are real.
  • If you notice any user who claims he/she is a volunteer and they are not on this page please report them to us immediately. To do so click here.

Suporte de Tickets

  • The following users have the power to answer tickets on the xat support ticket system
    • Please NOTE that it is considered bad etiquette to ask a xat volunteer to reply to your ticket.
      Please understand that xat receives a countless amount of support tickets on a daily basis. Patience and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated!
Nome: xat ID:
Andre ee.png Andre (112633)
Angelo us.png Angelo (18500000)
Crow en.png Four (4444)
Cupim br.png Cupim (11011)
Echo gb.png Echo (7170717)
LaFleur de.png  tr.png LaFleur (517650537)
Solange es.png Solange (223326780)
Sydno fr.png Sydno (220711)

Criadores de Smilies

  • Os seguintes usuários podem criar smilies/beijos/peões/abraços que podem ser utilizados no xat:
Nome: xat ID:
Andres do.png Andres (226699926)
Cupim br.png Cupim (11011)
Junior do.png Junii (1522897229)
Mihay ro.png Mihay (1700000)
Mike us.png Mike (6666)
Santy ve.png iSanty (388822204)

Como se tornar um Voluntário

  • Não existe um guia especifico para se tornar um Voluntário.
  • Você deve ter a qualificação que a xat staff está procurando (Voluntários são escolhidos pelos administradores). Atualmente é apenas para convidados, não estamos aceitando pedidos.