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Add a custom poll
Add a custom poll
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|status= {{ {{tt|trans/group}} }}
group power
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|info= <translate>

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vote.png (VOTE) - Add a custom poll GROUP POWER

With this power you can add a custom poll beside your chat.

To use this power, assign it to your chat, go to the chat's "Extra Features" page and then use the "Edit" button next to the power's name to enter your poll's question and answers.

You can also change what the text says. For example: instead of "Vote now" you can say "NOTE: YOU MAY ONLY VOTE ONCE!".

  • Note: If you want to limit the users who can vote to only be registered, set "Can not be registered" to a higher rank than what you have set on "Can vote".

You can also set its background image. Sizes are: W=425 H=600.