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Wiki Editors and Translators

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  • This page is here to acknowledge users who have been picked and are trusted to edit and translate the xat wiki.
  • Wiki editors have no special indication on chats. They are normal users.
  • If you notice a user who claims he/she is a wiki editor and they are not on this page, please report them to us immediately. To do so, click here.


The following users have the power to edit and write articles on the xat wiki. Some of them can do a little more than edit, see here for details. Note: All editors are able to speak English.

Wiki Editors


  • Përdoruesit e mëposhtëm kanë fuqinë për të përkthyer artikujt e wikit.
    • Shënim: Ata nuk mundën te krijojn artikuj per wiki.

They cannot edit/create wiki articles.

Wiki Translators