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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

If you are reading this page, then congratulations, you have been trusted enough and we believe you have enough knowledge to help improve the xat wiki. Or you are reading the special pages! You may have been picked because of your multilingual skills or extensive knowledge of xat.

We hope you will be able to use your skills to improve the wiki the best you can. We are all working together to make this the best it can possibly be, and we won’t be able to do it without you.


(example 1) Be sure to select the language you're translating to!

If you have been added because we trust your translation skills, then please use the link to translate into your desired language.

Translation page link http://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special:Translate

  • IMPORTANT: remember to choose your locale at the top right corner before rushing to translate (see example 1)!

Extra Translation information

(example 2) Translatable string with a variable in it

When you're translating a link, for example [[AccountProtection|Account Protection]] you only have to translate the second part of the link. For example, in French, [[AccountProtection|Account Protection]] will be translated into [[AccountProtection|Protection du Compte]]. You have to keep the first part in English because of the form of the link: [[LINK|LINK'S NAME]]

Variables - entries with a dollar sign followed by a number/text/phrase are pointing to a predefined value and must be left unchanged (see example 2).



If we have added you to the team of editors, it is because we would like your contributions to the wiki! Feel free to edit and amend articles as you see fit, in English ONLY. The translators will then translate into the other languages. You are, however, also free to translate pages using the translate page.

This means all articles on the wiki should be written in English first and foremost. Some pages will be protected from all users from editing. This is purely prevention. If you need to edit such pages then let us know; we will arrange this for you.

Please only use wiki code and avoid HTML!

Wiki Syntax

Wiki markup


= Text =

== Text ==

'''text''' text
''text'' text
[http://example.com external link]

external link

[[Special:MyLanguage/Main_Page|internal link]]

internal link

*list item
*list item
#numbered list item
#numbered list item
  • list item
  • list item
  1. numbered list item
  2. numbered list item

To force a new paragraph, leave one blank line between texts where line breaking should occur.

When embedding xat's flash elements, use Template:Flash.

For Youtube videos, use Template:Youtube

For xat's polls, use Template:Poll

Preparing for translation

Preparing an article for translation is the process of adding <translate> tags to cover text desired to be translated. The most simple method is to add the <translate> tag at the beginning of the article to mark the start of a translatable text and </translate> to mark the end of it.

After a senior editor has marked the prepared page for translation, translatable text is divided into units, which are marked with unit markings - <!--T:1--> <!--T:2-->, etc. These markings are not manually added by editors and should be kept that way to avoid any possible conflicts with the program. If the article is altered and text within is changed, then the program will go through the effort to either update existing units or add new ones.