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xavi.png (XAVI) - Create your own xat avatar

Using this power, you gain access to xavi app to create your own xat avatar that reacts to certain smilies.

  • To use the app, simply click on "Games" left hand corner of the chat, and then select "xavi".
  • You can choose from many features such as heads, hair, eyes, brows, mouth and accessories.
  • Once you have made your avatar, click the save button and it sets it as your default avatar.


To use the keywords, simply type any of the phrases below in the chat and your xat avatar will imitate the phrase. For example "angry" will make your xat avatar show an angry face.

Smilies Symbols
eek, wow :o , :-o
mad, angry :@
mischief -
nme -
no, n, fail -
redface -
tongue :p
yes, y, ok -
smile, happy, fun :), :-)
wink ;), ;-)
frown, sad, unhappy :(, :-(
crying, cry :'(
sleepy, sleep, sleeping, tired {{!-}})
biggrin :d
confused :s
cool 8), 8-)
crs, cross -
hello, hi, hey -
un -
doh, duh -
what, eh -

Get additional styles

You can purchase additional styles here: http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Getxavis.php